"Coaching 1-2-1"

Now that the initial consulting engagement is over and you have your report in hand outlining your new goals and objectives, who will help make sure that those goals and objectives are met?

The initial enthusiasm of revitalizing your business with Mitch's ideas can fade quickly as you plow back into running the business day to day.

Mitch offers an on-going coaching program that will continue to guide you through meeting both your business and personal goals which were set up in the initial consulting engagement.

For businesses who desire the "Coaching 1-2-1" program but skip the on-site consulting visit, are eligible and will incur a $595.00 set-up fee which will include initial consulting plus the cost to set-up your business profile.

Mitch will meet with you "1-2-1" each month via a closed door phone call. Mitch will go over your issues and goals while having in hand your current business conditions using key indicators that you will provide monthly ahead of the call. The phone call will also allow you to bring up new issues that may have arisen plus discuss how your business is impacting meeting your family and personal goals. All information and conversations are completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone without your permission.

The program costs only $300.00 per month and not only includes the monthly "1-2-1" call but also access to speak to Mitch by phone, email or fax to assist you in any other issues that come up during the month.

You're only commitment up-front is for three months of coaching. My Guarantee: If within the first three months, you are not completely satisfied with the "Coaching 1-2-1" program, I will send you a complete refund.

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