Consulting Services
On-Site Consulting
I have had the privilege of visiting 100’s of printers over the last 20 years. Many are considered leaders in our industry. I also personally have interacted with most of the top 100 printers and also have had the privilege of meeting most members of Print Image International/NAQP over the years. I have been able to draw their collective experiences combined with my own to create a vision of how to profitably operate and grow a printing business. Most importantly, I have witnessed all the pitfalls and challenges that our industry is confronted with and I have a talent for solving problems efficiently.

Whether your shop is doing $250,000 per year in sales or $5 million, I can help you grow and maximize your value. Most printers’ largest asset is their business and often their other assets such as their home are collateral for that business. You need to protect that asset and see it grow. Most important is establishing your long term personal and business goals.

I provide my clients with a detailed report on their current condition and offer a road map for significant improvements which will increase both their top line and most importantly their bottom line to achieve those goals.

I am available by phone or e-mail to discuss your business with no obligation on your part. Printing is a very challenging and rewarding industry. I can assist you in keeping up with the changing printing environment to survive and prosper.

On-Site consulting clients are eligible to participate in Mitch's on going coaching program.
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Off-site Consulting and Coaching
Mitch has developed an off-site consulting plan for printers who want to avoid the cost of travel and accomodations. Many printers have issues that can be solved by a series of phone calls, faxes and emails.
Even many valuations can be done off-site.

Mitch will happy to work up a custom consulting arrangement that will meet your budget.

I can be reached by:
phone: 561-351-6950

mailing address:
168 E. Inlet Drive
Palm Beach, FL 33480-2193

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