Valuation of your Business:
All of us will be faced with leaving our business – plan now for that transition and leave with the most value. Most of my friends in the printing business are in their 50’s or 60’s and they want to retire comfortably.

Most printers do not know what their business is worth. If you had to sell your business tomorrow – what would ask for it? Even if you had a value in mind – how do you justify that value to a prospective buyer? Who do you sell to? Where do I look?

Many printers have their family in their businesses. How do I transfer my business to one of my children? How do I not overburden them with debt but make sure I get my value out of the business that I created?

Many printers have children who don’t want to be in the business and yet want to retire in 3 to 5 years – how do I sell my business? Who will buy my business? How can you get out enough money to retire?

Divorce, a falling out among partners or death of a partner usually requires the remaining partner(s) to purchase the business. Valuation is critical in these sensitive situations.

You may have an opportunity to buy a competitor or you want to grow by adding a location or by merging with a company that is in a related business. You can add instant value plus grow your sales and cash flow. You can enter new markets, pick up new customers and acquire experienced employees.

What I offer to fellow printers is the following:

• Valuation of your current business and create plan to increase that value for the day you want to transition your business.
• Detailed valuation for selling or transitioning your business within the next 12 months. Report would be prepared with valuation and support for that valuation. Businesses will sell for more if an industry consultant can back up the value you are seeking.
• Merger and acquisition strategies to grow your business and add value. Today there are many opportunities to purchase or merge printing businesses. I will assist you in finding those opportunities and valuing those businesses. I will structure a deal that will work to your advantage.
• Mediate a fair value between exiting and remaining partner(s). Create a plan that will work for all parties.
Valuation costs will vary depending on the complexity and size of the business. Valuations do not necessarily require an on-site visit. Valuation can be included with regular consulting visit for printers who are looking for methods to increase their value for the day they want to sell.

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