Sign Shop Consulting
Adding Sign Services to Your Print Shop

Mitch will show you how you can add $500,000 or more sales to your existing print shop by simply adding sign services.  Mitch will show you how he did it.  He will show you the most popular products and services to add, the space required and the equipment & software you need to add.

Marketing & Pricing

Mitch will show you how to set up pricing the new products and services. Mitch will show you how to integrate the pricing in your current Print Management software.

Mitch will also show you the best marketing methods that work and also the best niche markets that buy the most signage.

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Visiting My Sign Shop

I offer a two day consultancy where you visit my sign shop in the Hilton Head area of South Carolina.  During the two days, you will see first hand the type of sign shop that you can add to your printing operation.  You will get "hands on" training in every aspect of a typical sign shop.  These visits are for up to two people from your company. You will leave with complete training & information on:

Space Requirements
Equipment Needed
Most Popular Sign Products and Services
Supplies & Inventory Needs
Production & Installation Methods
Employee Training

Dates Available

Limited dates are available -- only one visit is scheduled each month.


$3,995.00 plus your travel & lodging expenses.  You will be picked up at either Savannah or Hilton Head airports.