Redesigning Better Printing Businesses

Printers today must adapt to keep up with the technological changes not only within our industry but within their customers’ industries. Growing sales and profits are becoming more difficult as competition is not coming only from the other printers in town. Most printers are faced with little sales growth and seem to be working harder to keep the profits at the same level.

Consolidation is rampant throughout our industry and many printers are looking at their retirement or transition of their business. The time to begin is NOW. Whether you plan on retiring next year or in ten years, you must have a plan. That plan must include insuring that your business will have its maximum value when you are ready to leave.

My mission is to help printers cope and prosper in these times. I will help you set up short and long range plans to increase sales, profits and most importantly increase the VALUE of your business. You will need a strategy to deal with the latest digital printing technology that customers are demanding.

In the twenty three years that I owned Print Tech, I have gained an immense knowledge of what it takes to become a profit leader and how to grow a printing business. We bought a business with only $7,000 per month in sales in 1978 and now that business generates over $7.5 million in sales.

I transitioned my business in 2001 and I want to share my knowledge with others in our industry. The process of selling my business began several years ago. First off, I had a vision of where I wanted to take the business and then in the past several years I created a plan to maximize the value when I was ready to leave.

I have visited hundreds of print shops – most are considered leaders in our industry. I have been deeply involved with our printing trade associations since 1987. I will share what I have learned and show you how to add value to your business.

Unlike many printing consultants, I have been in your shoes and I have first hand dealt with the day to day issues of operating a printing business. I have both bought and sold printing businesses and have consulted with many printers on these issues. I know how to expand or transition your business and I have a intense desire to share my knowledge to help you grow and prosper.

Starting on April 6, 2015, I have joined Graphic Arts Advisors, LLC.  GAA is a national boutique strategic financial advisory and consulting firm focused exclusively on the printing, packaging and related industries serving clients with revenues up to $100 million and transactional needs of up to $100 million. Additional information can be found on the company’s website at

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